"Tom Dennard's Born a Ramblin' Man is a great patchwork quilt of a book, sewn from the threads of his fascinating life as a world traveler, conservationist, and South Georgia attorney. Each lovingly crafted piece chronicles an exotic adventure,eccentric character, or hilarious mishap from Tom's past. I laughed out loud and shed tears as I read these memorable tales.  If you are a newcomer to Tom's often off-beat world, you are in for a treat!"
- Mary Ann Stanley,Ph.D.,editor, scientist, andeducator

"Dennard reminds us that life can be a wild ride, whether it's abroad or in your own backyard. Like the proverbial brass ring, all you have to do is reach out for it. Born a Ramblin' Man, too, is a wild ride - one you won't want to exit until the final page is turned."
- Stephen Doster, author-Lord Baltimore

"Anyone who has ever longed to experience surprising encounters in unexpected places must read this book and be ready to laugh, cry, cheer, and travel vicariously with this dare-devil hiker. Inside the cover of this book are true stories of life's funniest, riskiest, most embarrassing, and most memorable moments, all made by a man who chooses to drink from the deepest wells of life."
- June Alexander, copy editor and educator

"Born a Ramblin' Man is a guide on how to laugh and to love, an atlas of untrodden paths and instructions in the art of relationships with all their ins and outs. It's a dictionary for adventurers and a box of candies for one with a sweet tooth for the unexpected; whatever you're looking for in your next read, this book has it all."
- Anneli Sundqvist, Swedish writer and world traveler

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