Other Books:

Discovering Life's Trails:
Rainbow Books, ISBN 0935834974 (0-935834-97-4)
Lifes TrailsDiscovering Life's Trails is a compilation of Tom's stories begining with the humorous account of constructing the Hostel in rural southeast Georgia, a wonderful account of the early days.

Other stories include an inspirational account of a trek in the Khumbu region near Mount Everest with two Australians; a visit with Tom's son, Ted Dennard, in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica as a Peace Corps volunteer, a father-son-bonding hike with Tom's son, Jeff, in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico; a reunion with a former hiking companion from East Germany in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came crumbling down; a hike with Tom's wife, Marie, to the top of Africa's tallest volcano, Kilimanjaro; a visit in Kenya to a Masai tribe; a letter in response to an attorney's attempt to sue the family dog, Rufus, for his amorous behavior; and a sharing of Tom's philosophy with his daughter, Susan, to share with her children. This popular book is now in its second printing and has received wonderful comments from those who've read it. Purchase Now


Buzzard's Roost:
ISBN 0965613801 (0-9656138-0-1)
Buzzards RoostBuzzards Roost is a fiction story written by Tom and based on his mother's bout with Alzheimer's disease. It tells of an award-winning actor on Broadway being called back to his home in a small north-Georgia town to help take care of his father, a prominent U.S. Senator, in the early stages of Alzheimer's.

The fact that the two had never had a good relationship made it doubly-difficult for both of them. The story is both humorous and sad and grabs your attention from the first page to the last. Purchase Now

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